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Mastering Suite and Recording Studio

Recording, editing, mixing and mastering on traditional and contemporary soundware

Conceived in 1995 as a support mechanism for home studios, Slipped DISC currently endeavors to provide the highest possible technical support to the music community, from inexperienced basement hobbyists, to seasoned, award-winning professionals.

Bill McElroy has engineered hundreds of albums and compact discs as well as audio for television and has received special recognition for his work:

Grammy Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences Award
              Engineer, Best Country Instrumental, "Fireball", J. D. Crowe and the New South.
Indys Five Independent Record Distributors Association Awards 
Best Album PARENTS' MAGAZINE Children's Award 

             "Bill McElroy's Educated Ear" by Orrin Star
             "An Interview With Bill McElroy" by Madeline MacNeil

Bill is on the Board of Directors for JAMInc, a non-profit organization whose mission statement is: "To open minds, hearts and ears to music deserving a wider audience through education, performance and support."

Bill McElroywas also founder, former president and engineer of Bias Recording Co., Inc. Under Bill's leadership, Bias became the dominant music recording studio in the Mid-Atlantic area, produced 12 Grammy award winners, 3 "Gold" albums, one "Double-Platinum" album, and won the Washington Area Music Association's Best Studio Award in 1988, 1989 and 1990. Bill co-designed and managed the construction of Bias' half-million dollar Springfield, Virginia recording complex, as well as the forty-input, thirty-two-output, API Automated recording console for the A room at Bias.

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