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Bill McElroy, Soundsmith

Bill calls himself a Soundsmith. To avoid the cold technical term "Recording Engineer", Bill coined the term to encompass artistic judgement and diplomatic skill as well as technical expertise.

He began his career as an audio-visual nerd in high school and college, and worked at Suburban Sound, Inc., in Bethesda Maryland, building recording consoles. Next, Bill accepted a two-year invitation to repair radios for the U.S. Army. Then, came a position at Edgewood Recording, in Washington, D.C., an eight track, no, seven, no, make that six track studio. After this shrinking experience, Bill leapt into self-employment, and founded Bias Recording Company, Inc., with Bob Dawson, a high-school friend.

Under Bill's leadership, Bias became the dominant music recording studio in the Mid-Atlantic area, produced many Grammy award winners, several "Gold" albums and one "Double-Platinum" album, and won the Washington Area Music Association's Best Studio Award in 1988, 1989 and 1990. Bill co-designed and managed the construction of Bias' half-million dollar Springfield, Virginia recording complex, as well as the construction of a forty-input, thirty-two-output, API automated recording console for the A room at Bias.

In 1993, Bill pursued a life-long dream and began working for AMTRAK as an Assistant Train Director, K Tower Interlocking, Wash., D.C. then for ENSCO, Inc, operating a Track Geometry Measurement System on the Southern Pacific Railroad. (An exciting life for a railroad buff.)

To be with his son in 1995, Bill returned to the music industry as the owner and Soundsmith of Slipped DISC, a mixing, editing and mastering facility in Richmond, Virginia. For more space and sonic accuracy, Bill opened a new facility, complete with a state-of-the-art studio at 209 England Street, adjacent to the Ashland Theater, Ashland, Virginia, just 8 miles north of Richmond.

Slipped DISC features Pro Tools HD-3, Sonic Studio, by Sonic Solutions, one of the finest high-power digital editing and mastering systems available. An assortment of digital formats, are accessible through Apogee A/D converters and a modified Yamaha O2R digital console, with 40 channels of Total Recall Automated Mixing.

Bill has already recordedmanyCD releases in the new facility, including two in the Ashland Theater. Artists who are considering live albums may want to give the Theater consideration as a concert location. Bill can also be found doing location recording, and has produced, directed and engineered hundreds of audio productions for vinyl, compact disc and television.


Grammy Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences Award
Engineer, Best Country Instrumental, "Fireball", J. D. Crowe and the New South.
Indys Five Independent Record Distributors Association Awards
Best Album PARENTS' MAGAZINE Children's Award
"Bill McElroy's Educated Ear" by Orrin Star.
"An Interview With Bill McElroy" by Madeline MacNeil.