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The Slipped Disc studio in Ashland, VA was designed from the ground up by Bill McElroy and George Garrett to very exacting specifications. Give us a call if you'd like to visit the studio and evaluate it for your next project. 

Here is a current list of some of the equipment available for your project...Carefully constructed, sonically accurate, recording-mixing-editing-mastering suite

Yamaha G-3 Grand Piano

PRO TOOLS HD3 Digital Audio Workstation, hard disc recording, editing and mixing system with 24 Analog I/O and 32 digital I/O.

Acoustic partition for simultaneous recording of acoustic piano and drums. May also be used for separation of other instruments and voices.

Lawson L147MP tube condenser microphone.

Additional Headphone Mix

Pro Tools HD-3 Digital Audio Workstation.  DIO 192, ADIO 192, ADIO192, Sync
                          MAC G-5, dual processor
Sonic Solutions 16/32 USP Editing System with Time Twist, Pitch Shift,                           Expanded Desk and PQ encoding for Mastering 
Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Console w/V2 Software
                          Including: 2 AES digital interface cards for 16
                          simultaneous AES input and outputs;
                          3 DA-88/38 digital interface cards for 24
                          simultaneous inputs and outputs;
                          2 ADAT digital interface card for 16 simultaneous
                          inputs and outputs
Weiss DC-12 Digital Compressor/de-esser
T.C. Electronics Finalizer
T.C. Electronics M-2000 Effects Processor
Lexicon MPX 500 Effects Processor
BSS DPR 404 4 Channel Compressor w/de-essing
BSS Varicurve (Room EQ)
BSS FDS-318 Electronic Crossover
Behringer 24/48 Analog Console

Apogee AD-1000 Platinum A/D converter with UV-22
Apogee AD-8000 A/D 24 bit A/D converter with UV-22

John Hardy M-1 4 Channel Microphone Preamps
API 3124 4 Channel Microphone Preamp
Melcor 2 Channel Custom Microphone Preamp
       (Dean Jensen Input Transformers)

PMC/Garrett Custom Monitors (tri-amped)
Bryston 4B Power Amps (mids and top)
Crest 8001 Power Amp (bottom)

Meyer HD-1 Monitor Speakers
JBL 4430 Monitors (Modified)
Hafler 220 power amp

Sennheiser HD 414 headphones
AKG 140M headphones
AKG 240M headphones
Hafler 1500 power amp (headphones)

Lawson L147MP tube condenser microphone
Neuman KM 184
Neuman KMS 105
Microtech/Gefell M-300 MT
Audio Technica 4033
Audio Technica Pro-37-R
AKG C-451
Electrovoice N/D868
Earthworks M30
Shure 550 Unidyne
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 58

DA-88 8-channel recorder with time code card
DA-38 8-channel recorder (slaved to 88 for 24 Channels)
A-DAT XT 8-channel recorder
Studer A-80 16 or 24 Track 2 inch Analog Recorder
Studer A-80 2-Track 1/2 or 1/4 inch Analog Recorder
Tascam DA-45 24 Bit DAT Machine
Sony PCM 2600 DAT Machines
Sony CDP XE500 Compact Disc Player
hhb CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorders

Rimage CD-R Printer
Direct Boxes with Dean Jensen low-load/high input impedance transformers
Stereo Direct Box with Dean Jensen low-load/high input impedance transformers
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